Authors may submit one chapbook or 3-5 poems as an attachment (word or PDF) and use this email address:




Address the submission to Virgil Kay, Editor in Chief. If you are unconcerned about formatting of your stanzas, then by all means send your poems in the body of the email. But if you stayed up all night setting your poem in 11 pt. Bodoni font with 2.5 spaces between lines, then please convert the thing to PDF and send in that form. Poets are obsessive-compulsive artists with words for paint.


Place the words "chapbook submission" in the subject line. Include a short bio and cover letter in the body of the email.


Response time is dependent on the amount of coffee imbibed between waking up and receiving your submission. I might first blink, then scratch my nose, then think about watching Rat Pfink a Boo Boo, and then go into a coma. I will get back to you after I am revived.


Lyn Larsen at the 1922 Grauman’s Hollywood Egyptian Theater Wurlitzer ca. 1975 (1).mp3








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